The generosity of aamir515 got the spirit started.
Then X Man suggested "a communal roaming lens".
So Ibam in Toronto decided to donate one.
Which set off on its journey in late November 2008.
Still it travels the globe, from home to home.

Traveling Nifty Fifty

This project is due to the great people on the Pentax Forums. This is the thread which gave it inspiration. And this is the thread that birthed the project, where you should still go to keep up to date with events as they unfold. The web page you are reading is not a replacement for that thread; it is simply a fixed place for all the facts, so that people new to the game do not have to read through seven hundred posts.

This is how the project works.

• A SMC Pentax-A 50mm f1.7 is traveling the globe looking for photographers.

• It is available to members of Pentax Forums.

• If you want to check who is in line to receive the lens, start at the end of the discussion thread and work backwards to find the most recent post that has a complete list.

• If you want to get the lens at some point, say so on the thread. Add yourself to the end of the list in the correct geographical zone.

• If you want to see what people have shot so far, check out the Flickr group.

• Then be very very patient. 38 people have had the lens in the 19 months since the beginning. That's exactly two people a month. The pace should be quicker, but stuff happens!

• Once you get the lens, take some photos with it -- have fun! Perhaps include a shot of your home town, and of you with the lens.

• Upload your best shots to the Flickr account. Get the login details from the previous person on the list. (Please note that if you have a Flickr account already, you will need to log out of your own account and log into the special one set up for this project.)

• How many pictures should you upload? Some say three, some say only one, but Ibam never put any restrictions on this, so use your own discretion.

• After a maximum of eight days (quicker is better since others are waiting!) pass on the lens to whomever you would like from the list. It might make sense to find someone near you geographically as this saves time and postage costs. But do as you like.

• It is recommended that you send the lens by registered post, insured for $100 (or local equivalent).

I am rparmar on Pentax Forums. See you there!